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Image– topped with macerated berries


Sunday Morning, 10am

One lonely bottle of Banyul does not last long in my house. Eyeballing it every day makes me drool like Fido would over a juicy T bone, so when it’s my turn to make dessert, deep dark chocolate is just the ticket.

Now, what to make? What’s in the pantry? And, can I do this without going to the store?

Lazy Sunday mornings like this, I know why I bought those Lindt dark chocolate bars on sale at Target. They’re in the pantry, yeah! The rest was easy.

  • Water
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Sugar


For the lava center – I am inserting one with Dark Chocolate Orange Caramel, and the other, with Cadbury Milk Chocolate Caramel, to test the Banyul pairing to review on our first Frick and Frack blog. The cake will be made with Theo’s fair trade organic, 70% cocoa, toasted coconut dark chocolate.

On top -Berries are always in my fridge, so with Strawberries and Blueberries starring at me, I grabbed the mint, 2 tbs of vanilla sugar and generously coated a cup or so of each, and they are now marinating in the fridge till dinner.

Film at 11.


Out of the Ashes

Creating a neighborhood where there was none before, is more than just throwing up a few shinny new buildings and a couple of skinny Palm Trees. It is about creating the heart and soul of the town; the style, the culture and the food. And nothing shows more heart, than food.

Recently, two large South Florida cities have created vibrant downtown areas from ruins that once were home, to only wild dogs and junkies’ needles. Today, these neighborhoods are revitalized with new life, and filled with exciting young chefs serving delightfully creative dishes at every turn.

Part 1: Wild Olives Café – City Place, West Palm Beach, Florida

Almost twenty years ago, West Palm Beach put a Revitalization plan into action that took acres and acres of horribly blighted land and created a sparkling new city from burnt-out rumble.

It’s been ten years since City Place was first opened and it is now the thriving town center, envisioned so long ago. And as with any city, there is that favorite local café, the one with really good food at great prices that it quickly becomes…your place to go.

The one bright spot that is bursting with all the warmth of a small trattoria in Tuscany, is Wild Olives Café, providing us with great food, excellent prices and that warm, easy, feeling, shaping the heart of City Place.

Casual enough for quick bite and modern enough for a first date, you may be greeted by Chef John Crolly; the hot, young, King of the kitchen that enters the room and lights it up with his smile. His food is fresh and enticing but more importantly, a pleasant change from the usual everyday fare.

With easy dishes like Spaghetti and Meatballs ala Nonna [a tried and true favorite here], it is the menu of inspiring dishes such as the Fig & Prosciutto Flatbread, and the Butternut Squash Lasagna w/ an herbed fresh ricotta drizzled with a luscious maple crème, that sets this chic café apart from the rest. A good bottle of wine with dinner and a bite or two of that soft, moist White Chocolate Bread Pudding for dessert, and Wild Olives Café can easily become habit forming!

Next Week Part 2: Mid-Town Miami

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Village Tavern

Every town needs to a cozy neighborhood restaurant and The Village Tavern, is just that place.

Lively and friendly, the Village Tavern has a bustling dining room filled with large booths, a vast veranda to dine in the soft Florida breezes and a large wood carved bar filled with people enjoying Pulled Pork Sliders, perfectly seared Ahi Tuna and fresh Wood Oven Pizzas, made with flour tortillas. With an Award Winning Wine list that boast over 60 wines by the glass, priced from as little as $2.75, offering more than 30 beers and specialty drinks made with roses and violets, the Village Tavern is an easy place to call your own.

Tonight, dinner at the Village Tavern started with a giant Jumbo Lump Crab Cake that had virtually no fillers, plump PEI Mussels in a little touch of white wine and pesto plus, the best Spinach Salad you’ll ever have, served with a super delicious apple walnut muffin. It was love at first bite.

Specializing in hand-cut aged steaks, the Steak Au Poivre was cooked to perfection with a superbly balanced sauce, the Braised Short Ribs were so tender the meat just fell off the bone, and straight into a pile of fluffy garlic mashed potatoes. The Lamb Chops w/balsamic mint glaze was a nice change and they all went beautifully with both the Benzinger, Sonoma Cabernet and the Ravenswood Zinfandel.

For the seafood lovers, Village Tavern’s Grouper Hemingway was the hit of the evening. Rich with white wine, lemon, capers and fresh tomatoes on a bed of angel hair pasta, try the Bonterra Chardonnay and you won’t be sorry. The yummy Grilled Rainbow Trout was marinated in sweet soy and the Pan-Seared Scallops w/ green beans, both worked very well with King Estate Pinot Gris that was served along with the appetizers.

For dessert, there is only one choice that is worthy of every single calorie and every gram of fat, and that is the orgasmic Banana Crepes! Large rolls of French crepes are spread inside w/ Nutella and filled with Banana Ice Cream before being drizzled all over with caramel & chocolate sauce. The combination of these lovely taste and textures are so delicate, it is enough to create a temporary state of nirvana.

I’m glad the Village Tavern is in my town. Are they in your’s?

Open 7 days for Lunch and Dinner
Brunch on Sunday!

Renaissance Commons
1880 North Congress Avenue, Suite 170
Boynton Beach FL 33426
Phone: 561-853-0280

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Frog Legs and Cowboys


On the edge of the Florida swampland, where the cows graze and airboats rule, Bullfrog Legs are the prized local delicacy.

The plump, tender little thighs of this regal amphibian are served here fried with a side of Louisiana style hot sauce because, it’s “the only way” for them to be eaten, according to Rita, the local frog leg supplier in Fellsmere, Florida, home of the annual Frog Leg Festival. “Those chefs who sauté them, don’t know what in the world they’re doing.” Rita says.

Every January, Ferris wheels, frog legs and bull riding cowboys take over this sweet central Florida town, all in the name of charity. And in the true spirit of a small town carnival, the whole town gets involved by putting out thousands of fried Frog Leg’s and Gator Tail dinners, from the basement of the local High School.

On the road into town, we see hand tooled signs directing us to shuttle bus parking, the Bullfrog Bash Rodeo [and BBQ] and, two local couples smoking fresh mullet on the side of the road, which was awesome! Mullet is usually snubbed by most local fisherman and mainly used for bait, but, freshly smoked; this mild flavored white fish is perfect served with sliced apples and horseradish sauce, made into a spicy fish dip, or, all on its own with a touch of lemon.

“Gigging” frogs is an old Florida tradition and the Blue Cypress swamp located just west of town, is a great fresh water fishery filled with gators, exotic birds and frogs. Hunted at night from an airboat, using a long fiberglass pole tipped with a barbed trident, the “Froggers”, are fitted with a light that is attached to their hat and like a jousting knight, the frogger runs the airboat straight at the frog, skewers it and drops it into a sack on the front of the airboat. The crowd roars!

Looking for a way to raise money for the local schools and to entice the city folk to visit Fellsmere, local frog legs were deemed the ticket. Utilizing their local bounty, the festival has blossomed from 400 dinners at its inception in 1990, to over 7000 dinners in 2010.

I was a bit disappointed at first that fried, was the only way they were prepared here but, being the most flavorful frog’s legs I’ve ever tasted, sans the hot sauce, they were not all wrong. For once, it was not garlic that presented itself first. It was the pure taste of the meat that enticed me. Chicken-fish comes to mind, but, it was more than that, more like a big juicy chicken wing drumette, with an essence of seafood. Hot sauce not required.

Being the pairing nut that I am, I am now on a mission to find the perfect dipping sauce et al, for the fresh legs that Rita set us up with before we left town. How does lightly fried with and Orange-Coconut sauce sound? Or, sautéed in butter with touch of tarragon?

Any suggestions?


How “Wild” is Your Olive?

Like a sudden change in the wind, Todd English swooped into Boca Raton and resurrected the stale Opus 5 at The Boca Town Center, by turning it into his newest Mecca, “Wild Olives by Todd English”. With English’s fresh, yet classic take on Mediterranean cuisine, this sexy and sophisticated space now has a reason to shine.

Recently I was invited along with 11 other discriminating food bloggers to preview TE’s new menu. We were wowed and pampered with an elegant wine pairing dinner, prepared by the talented Chef Jeff [Steelman], the recently appointed Corporate Chef, for the Todd English brand.

The candle lit table sparkled with long plates filled with fresh cheeses, ribbons of prosciutto and sweet figs and Carpaccio dotted with walnuts and slices of candied bitter orange.

The Perrier-Jouet flowed as thick loaves of artisanal bread were served with fresh tapenade and a creamy white bean spread, followed by a parade of flatbreads that were brought to us one by one. Shrimp and chorizo, classic pepperoni and white pizza with broccoli rabe, my favorite!

On my left, Miss “C” began slathering the tapenade on a thick piece of bread.

Our first course was TE’s signature “Carpetbagger Oyster” paired with a crisp and citrusy Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. Perched on a bed of sea salt and peppercorns, the oyster is nestled inside its shell, wrapped in a sliver of beef Carpaccio, floating on a cushion of truffle whipped potatoes.

Miss “C” was busy topping another piece of bread, with a spoonful of tapenade.

Next, the Boston Bibb with shaved red onion, a shower of Maytag blue cheese and toasted walnuts was lightly coated in a delicate walnut vinaigrette and beautifully paired with a spicy and lightly oaky Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay.

Miss “C” was asking for more tapenade.

The Butternut Tortelli in brown butter and fried sage was the dish I had been waiting for all night. The sweet and spicy center with just a hint of sage, gave me that “ah-ha” moment, tasting how true TE stayed to his culinary roots.

The Lemon Sorbet w/mint was a refreshing intermezzo and left time for the tweets to start flying at breakneck speed.

Miss ”C” frosted another piece of bread with her beloved tapenade.

After the break, a tender and juicy piece of Swordfish was placed on a bed of asparagus risotto and topped with warm shrimp vinaigrette. Not a fan of swordfish, I was blown away by this sumptuous and complex dish, which had been perfectly paired with a new wine called “Evolution”, a spectacular blend of nine different grapes featuring Muller-Thurgau, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer, which held up to both the vinaigrette and the fussy asparagus.

The Brown Sugar Rib-Eye on silky parmesan potatoes arrived shortly after and melted in our mouths. Paired with the BR Cohn “Olive Hill Estate” Cabernet, a well balanced Cab with supple tannins and a heady aroma of plum, black currant, and cherry. Mmmm!

And last, but certainly not least, the most exquisite slice of heaven on earth; TE’S signature Ricotta Cheesecake, was presented with the fanfare it deserves. Light and airy with a splash of cranberry coulis,
it was served with Dolce, the impeccable prized dessert wine by Far Niente.

By now the deep sultry sounds of “OMG” could be heard rumbling from our table… while Miss “C” bit into the last piece of bread dripping with tapenade.

How Wild your trip will be?

Wild Olives
The Shops at Boca Center,
5050 Town Center Circle
Boca Raton, FL 33486
(561) 544-8000