Eten n Drinken

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Image– topped with macerated berries


Sunday Morning, 10am

One lonely bottle of Banyul does not last long in my house. Eyeballing it every day makes me drool like Fido would over a juicy T bone, so when it’s my turn to make dessert, deep dark chocolate is just the ticket.

Now, what to make? What’s in the pantry? And, can I do this without going to the store?

Lazy Sunday mornings like this, I know why I bought those Lindt dark chocolate bars on sale at Target. They’re in the pantry, yeah! The rest was easy.

  • Water
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Sugar


For the lava center – I am inserting one with Dark Chocolate Orange Caramel, and the other, with Cadbury Milk Chocolate Caramel, to test the Banyul pairing to review on our first Frick and Frack blog. The cake will be made with Theo’s fair trade organic, 70% cocoa, toasted coconut dark chocolate.

On top -Berries are always in my fridge, so with Strawberries and Blueberries starring at me, I grabbed the mint, 2 tbs of vanilla sugar and generously coated a cup or so of each, and they are now marinating in the fridge till dinner.

Film at 11.